Writing "Tripe" and Why I Did It:

Writing "Tripe" and Why I Did It:

Many of you have been wondering what on Earth possessed me to write Banged In The Bayou. Some of you are just now seeing the pictures and ads and I'm sure you're quite surprised or even confused. Well, the truth is I wrote it over two years ago. Last year, it was free on Smashwords and had over 700 downloads. Since it has been exclusively on Amazon for the past week, I've had more sales of this crazy, humorous...NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, monster sex, #erotichorror book than I have in an entire month with my other six books with my former publisher. 

Yes, it's a short story. No, it really doesn't have any merit other than to be entertained with some monster smut. And that is why I wrote this "tripe". Because I wanted to. Because I can. For entertainment. To give people a laugh. And other than this man in the #UK, it's been greatly received.

Amazon UK Review 
Let's be honest here. Does the title, cover and description scream anything other than erotica? Granted, last year when this man reviewed the book, it was much shorter. But it wasn't meant to be the next, "Great American Novel". To tell the truth, I LOVE that he referred to this as "tripe and rubbish". I managed to get a rise out of someone and that's fine with me. 

But let's take a look at what other readers had to say. Here's the link to three other reviews:

And here's a video review: ( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS REVIEW!)
Bob's Books Banged In The Bayou 

Quite a few readers have found the humor in this story. And I greatly appreciate each and every reader's opinion. For anyone to take the time to read any of my books AND to leave a review--is great. 

Maybe the entertainment value doesn't translate well. Maybe it's a cultural divide. Or maybe, just maybe it is indeed tripe and rubbish. Either way, Rosie Peaks has hit the short story> horror> erotica list a few times this past week according to Amazon and it's bounced up and down around the rankings. So, there are people out there who enjoy #erotichorror and to's fabulous. I'll never judge someone based on what they read. As long as you're reading something--I applaud you. 

So, to all of you who have taken a chance on my newest, crazy story--THANK YOU. I appreciate each and every one of you.  For those who haven't checked it out, Banged In The Bayou is still only 99 cents and #free for prime members. If you read it and like it, great. If not, that's okay, too. Monster sex isn't for everyone.

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