Name That Baby Contest!! (On Facebook)

Have you always wanted an author to write you into their next book? Well, here's your chance. 

I'm working on Kallie and Hank's third Weekend Getaway. Since you've all been such amazing supporters of their stories, I'm giving you the chance to have your name in the next installment of their lives. How exciting is that?

But wait--there's more!

There's a baby on the way and no one knows if it will be a boy or a girl. You, the readers, get to decide!! 

You'll post your entry to the event page. Please specify BOY or GIRL so there's no confusion. You have 4 weeks to get as many likes as you can for your baby name. That means...tell your friends, family...everyone that you need "likes" :)
The person whose baby name gets the most likes...WINS!! You will have a CHARACTER named after YOU and your chosen baby name will be a part of their story forever!

For the next month, visit the event page often. There will giveaways and baby shower themed games.


Head on over to Facebook, join the event and enter to WIN!


Click this link: Name That Baby Contest! 


Hope to see you there!!