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Kallie Masters and Hank Fogle are once again in The Smokies. They’ve rented an amazing cabin and spend the weekend connecting on a much deeper level. When Hank is called away for business, Kallie ventures out by herself to explore and photograph the first place she and Hank made love. Kallie’s hike takes a drastic change when a stranger inadvertently causes Kallie to fall to the bottom of a ravine. Will the power of Hank’s love heal her wounds and will the power of The Smokies breathe new life into our favorite couple? Or will Hank’s guilt destroy everything they’ve built?



When Kallie finally opened her eyes, it was painful. She knew she’d been asleep but it felt like she’d been on her back for days. And her back was killing her! Her face felt swollen and when she tried to raise her hand to her head, intense pain radiated throughout her chest and back.

“What? Oh my God! What’s happening?”

Instantly the room was filled with loud beeps and bells.

“Where am I? What’s wrong with me?”

Suddenly, there were people running around her room, all of them in white clothing.

“Who are you?” She once again attempted to scream but it came out as a whisper.

Someone put a straw to her lips, encouraging her to take a sip.

“Calm down, Kallie. Just relax. The doctor will be in shortly.”

Doctor? Why did she need a doctor?

It all came back to her in a flash just before she passed out again.

 The next time Kallie awoke, Hank was there by her side, holding her hand. She wanted to sit up and throw her arms around him, but as soon as she took a big breath, she cried out in pain.

“Shsh. It’s okay, babe. Lie still and I’ll go get the doctor. It’s so good to see your beautiful eyes again.” Hank leaned down and kissed her before he disappeared through a door.

Kallie was still a bit confused. She remembered the crazy man screaming about a bear and running past her in the park. SAnd she could still feel herself slipping over the edge of the rock wall, but nothing after that. The frustration and pain made her want to cry! She didn’t want to be here, wherever here was. She just wanted to go home.

Hello, Kallie. I’m Dr. Radcliffe. It’s very nice to finally meet you.”

The older gentleman held what looked like a file folder and she saw him scribble something in it before he put it on the side table next to her bed.


“Do you know why you’re here, Kallie?”

She struggled to talk but her throat was so sore and dry. Hank quickly brought her a glass of water and she sipped a bit through a straw. His eyes were full of tears and that scared her. Was she dying? Why was Hank so upset?

“I fell.”

“That’s right, you fell. Do you remember where?”

“At the waterfall.”

“Do you remember why you fell? Did you trip? Did someone hurt you?”

“No, no one hurt me. I slipped. I stepped back to avoid being trampled by a man yelling about a bear in the area. Next thing I knew, I was at the bottom of the ravine.”

“Good. That’s exactly what witnesses told the police and emergency workers when they found you two weeks ago.”

“Two weeks? I’ve been here for two weeks?”

“Yes, my love. You’ve been here since the day I stupidly took off for Los Angeles. I’m so sorry I left you.”