Life Out Loud

Life Out Loud - Gabrielle Evans One of the most amazing books I have ever read. No one should judge this book by it's cover. Yes--there are some steamy scenes. But the heart of the book is unforgettable.

After Quinn Harper's parents pass away, she makes the decision to return to Oregon. There she will face her fears and confront her heartbroken past.
When she arrives, she learns her ex boyfriend is in the hospital. When she reluctantly visits him, he reveals the real reason for breaking her heart five years ago. They move on and Quinn realizes she has loved someone else all along. His brother.
But not everyone in town is happy about Quinn's new relationship or about the way she so seamlessly fits in as if she never left her hometown. Someone is out to teach her a lesson.

Gabrielle Evans has written one of the most wonderful books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I laughed, cried and became so angry for a few of these characters...that I longed to help them. A few times, I found myself shouting, "Run! Get Out! Stop being so stubborn! Just kiss her!" These characters draw you in immediately. Gabrielle has woven an amazing story that you become instantly involved in. It's one of those books that makes you take a step back and take stock of your own life.
From the dedication to the very last page, it encourages you to not just exist. Enjoy every moment and live Life Out Loud.