A Killer Plot (A Books by the Bay Mystery)

A Killer Plot - Ellery Adams A Killer Plot is the first in this series. Even though, I have read them a bit out of order, it didn't ruin the integrity in anyway. Ellery Adams is such a talented writer, one could read her books backwards and still love them.

In this book, we meet Olivia and Captain Haviland for the first time. Olivia has returned to Oyster Bay after a long absence and is greeted with typical small town behavior (for the most part). But Olivia finds a way to open up and fit in with some people and they become quick friends. Eventually, they create a writing critique group that makes them closer friends and co-conspirators.

When one of her dear friends is murdered, she rises to the occasion and rallies the troops. Her friends eagerly help her solve the mystery. Olivia finds herself in the middle of chaos from time to time, but she handles it like a pro. I love her determination and her heart. Olivia is a good egg.

Ellery Adams has written the books in this series with such flair. It is impossible to figure out who the killer is and in the end you will be shocked. Nothing about this series is typical and I love that!

Visiting Oyster Bay has become one of my new favorite activities! I cannot wait to see what Olivia gets herself into next. If you're a cozy fan---you need these for your collection!!