Zakia and the Cowboy (Thunder Creek Ranch)

Zakia and the Cowboy (Thunder Creek Ranch) - Lorraine Nelson Zakia and The cowboy is a heartwarming story about young love gone wrong and second chances.

Young bride Zakia ran away from life on a sprawling ranch and her hot cowboy husband because she felt like she didn't fit in. Only to find herself pregnant and alone.

She wants desperately for him to come after her, but he doesn't. She wants to call him, but she doesn't. Pride gets in the way of their love for each it often does for us.

Years later, Zakia realizes the only one she can run to in her time of need is her ex husband Luke. A crazed stalker has her running back to the ranch and into Luke's arms. But will he accept her and help her? Or will he let his pride control him once more?

Lorainne Nelson has created a story of love and hope. A love many of us can only hope to find. When faced with a second chance with your one true love, what would you do? Forgive them or forget them? Is it ever that simple? Here it isn't.

Zakia and The Cowboy is everything a true love story should be. It's heartfelt, moving and full of true emotion.

If you like your women strong, your cowboys hot and your love stories full of action...this is the book for you.