A Cowgirl's Pride (Thunder Creek Ranch)

A Cowgirl's Pride - Lorraine Nelson I am a firm believer in paying credit where credit is due and the talent of Lorraine Nelson deserves so much more credit than I could possibly explain. In her Thunder Creek Ranch Series, she has given us more than a story, more than a series...Lorraine has given us a family to fall in love with. And I have.

As with her other installments of the Thunder Creek Ranch Series, A Cowgirl's Pride follows the journey of the Manning Family. Hardworking ranchers with hearts of gold and real-life situations in a fictional setting. Everytime I begin reading, Lorraine's characters pull me in and the story unfolds so easily it's like watching a movie. To be honest, Lorraine's Manning family could be the next hit television series.

A Cowgirl's Pride follows the life and story of Leah Manning, daughter of Lucas Manning. Strong willed, beautiful, determined with a deep rooted devotion to her family, Leah has been hiding alot from her loved ones. Not because she's sick of her overbearing, overprotective male relatives but rather, she loves them enough to keep them safe. Revealing her secrets could get someone killed . Leah's pride prevents her from asking for help for too long. She soon realizes she has no other choice. She must surrender her pride and embrace the men in her life, allowing them to protect not only her but to protect another secret she is hiding.

Sadly, there is no other option except to give this 5 STARS, but is so worthy of 10. A Cowgirl's Pride proves to be just as good as the other installments of the Thunder Creek Ranch Series. Full of complex family dynamics, a flowing plot, action, adventure, lies, secrets and scenes hot enough to burn your fingertips as you turn the pages.

Though this is the last story available in the Thunder Creek Ranch Series, have no fear...Book 5: Cameron's Quest come out next month. Hold onto your hats, cowgirl's! Cameron will take you for a ride you won't soon forget!