Monsters Unmasked

Monsters Unmasked - Lori Whitwam WOW!! I LOVED this Novella!

First let me say, the location was an immediate hook. What better place for a Zombie pandemic to begin?

Once I started reading this, I just couldn't stop. And the emotion? Complete and total spectrum of the feeling rainbow through this story. And let's be honest, some novella's just don't "pack the punch". This one definitely delivers and then some. I was upbeat in the beginning, then scared, then uber pissed, then supremely uber pissed, scared, touched, sad, scared and it went on and on. I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Lori Whitwam has masterfully crafted a monster story and so much more!!!

Bravo LW!!!!

If you've never read any of Lori's work, I highly recommend you start now. She is extremely talented,