Player's Ultimatum

Player's Ultimatum - Koko Brown This book was a first for me on many levels. Player's Ultimatum is my first interracial romance, first romance involving sports, first romance by Koko Brown I have read and first romance I have read with a "beard". It was amazing!
The story is controversial. The characters are complex and loveable. And now, the book itself is quite the "talk of the town". I'm very happy to be one of the lucky ones to own a copy.

Koko Brown has really invested herself into Player's Ultimatum. There is a constant showing of REAL emotion, action and heat.This book shows the true passion with which it was written. With every page, I felt as if it was unfolding in front of my very eyes. There is no way to walk away from this book and not be affected.

It is a masterfully crafted story and has officially hooked me to buy the rest of Koko's books.

To find out what all of the fuss is about, I urge you to get your own copy!!!