Marking Time

Marking Time - Sandra Sookoo I really enjoyed this book because of it's unconventionalism. Latent shifter, time travel to an interesting town where half caste paranormals live, hope, love and heartbreak all leading to an unforeseeable ending. Wow!

I was immediately sucked into this book by Ava and her latent wolf. I could see everything unfold as it was described. It was easy to picture myself in Strange Hollow watching the events and people.

Magic sent Ava there and magic saved Ava in a sense. The ending is not typical and I REALLY enjoyed that. I laughed, I cried and I stil get choked up when I think about it. Sandra did an amazing job of relaying the emotion's of her characters through her story.

I hope there will be more stories revolving around Strange Hollow. I'd love to delve deeper into this town and it's residents past and present. This book has set a stage that awaits more wonderful performances. This really is a great story of fantasy and love transcending time.