Diary of an Incubus

Diary of an Incubus - Tracey H. Kitts After reading Frank And The Werewolf Tamer I immediately became a fan of Tracey's. I was amazed at how very talented this woman is. Once again, I find myself applauding her work in Diary Of An Incubus!!! Tracey has the ability to weave an amazing web of reality into this story without ruining any of the real world's integrity. She makes it completely believable. The only thing that "sparkles" is her talent.

Diary Of An Incubus will have you falling in love with not only one....but three different men. Two of which are vampires. Should she love Matt, her loyal, best friend or the man who has haunted her dreams for years? Maybe she should choose Alucard, a man she is incredibly drawn to? Here I sit two days after reading the book and I STILL cannot decide who my favorite is. Ironically, our heroine Jewel, had this same dilemna.

In the beginning, I was a bit miffed at Jewel for her "poor me" attitude. At the same time, I understood where she was coming from and I wanted to know more about her. We all have those moments and looking back, who could blame her? She definitely grew on me and in the end, I wished I hadn't felt so persnickety. She's actually a kick ass woman!

If you're one of those readers who says "Oh no. Not another vampire romance story!"....No worries here. This book is unlike any other vampire romance. For anyone who truly loves romance, this book is full of truly believable vampire romanticism (as it was intended to be without all of the gimmicks). Vincent and Alucard are the epitome of what and how vampires should be portrayed. Old world romantics with tortured souls. Not simply "monsters" or the "undead", soulless night wanderers. They are conflicted, tormented beings in search of the one thing we are all in search of.....everlasting love.

Once you step into Tracey's version of Savannah, Georgia you won't want to leave. You'll meet Jewel's best friends and travel with her to London and Romania with a mystery along the way. It's a page after page book of surprises, and emotional rides where it needs to be. When things heat up, it's action scenes will leave will leave you breathless. And the love scenes will blow you away!

It all boils down to one question..."Would you be able to choose between the two greatest loves of your life if your life depended on it?"

I say it's a perfect read. It takes you on a journey to the edge and doesn't disappoint. With an ending you won't see coming, it will leave you starstruck. Do not ask me to choose which of Tracey's books I love would be impossible. She has a way of making me fall under a spell with her glamour, I like to call it. I've said it before and I will shout it from the rooftops again....Tracey H. Kitts is amazingly talented! I anticipate more wonderful reads from her. Watch this one....I will be.