Make or Break

Make or Break - Lori Whitwam Phenomenal. Amazing. Rockin' Romance! Read this book!

One thing I know for certain about musician's is that you NEVER touch their instruments without permission. A lesson our Abby learns quite quickly. Abby soon finds herself in the middle of a killer plot and a love story. Being a mystery writer, Abby should feel right at home, right? She soon finds out writing mysteries and living them are completely different. Maybe she will switch to writing romances?

I figured out who the killer is quite quickly...but through no fault of the author. I am simply naturally suspicious of everyone. One little thing and my gut screamed the person's name. I challenge you to see if you can figure it out before I did. There is plenty of suspicion to go around and it won't be easy. Keep me posted and let me know your vote for the suspected killer.

Lori Whitwam has created a wonderfully entertaining story full of mystery, hope, love and plenty of passion. This book is well written and edited beyond belief. I found one and I do mean ONE word spelled wrong in the whole book. I am seriously impressed! The characters are well thought out and full of details that bring them to life. Having been around bands myself, I can definitely say Lori nailed this one. She knows what she is talking about.

I hope there is a future story to follow. I'd love to see what happens next.