Deaf Isn't Dumb - Tara Chevrestt In Deaf Isn't Dumb, Tara Cheverestt gives us more than a glimpse into her world. She gives us a full-on show of what her life has been like. This memoir is a true eye-opener in more ways than one. If you're impaired in any way doesn't matter. All you need is your heart and an open mind to enjoy this book.

Travelling with Tara through her many life events was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Her thoughts, feelings and personality shine through in this memoir, making it insightful as well as interesting.

There is no need for me to emphasize exactly how many people in the world are guilty of the acts Tara speaks of. We all know someone who is just plain mean. From children to adults, there is hypocrisy, discrimination and flat out hatred all around. Through Tara's words we see just how detrimental and toxic those feelings and actions can be to others.

There are many ways to be deaf. The sad thing is...a lot of people choose to be deaf to their own words and blind to their own actions. We all need to remember there is always someone on the receiving end of our comments, dirty looks and mean spirited actions.

Whether it's for you or someone you know, I recommend this book be added to the TBR. It's definitely an inspiring book.