Chasing the Cyclone: A Father's Unending Love for His Son

Chasing the Cyclone: A Father's Unending Love for His Son - Peter Thomas Senese This is a story of a Father's unending love for his son and so much more. I can only hope my review does this book justice.

Not only is Chasing The Cyclone a powerful, heartwrenching also has a guide at the end to help you should you ever (Heaven Forbid) find yourself in the same situation. There are official terms for words and actions that some of us see everyday, yet never knew they were actually criminal. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Parental Alienation is indeed a form of child abuse. Alot of people deal with this everyday when they divorce or separate from their significant other. But not very many of us know that it is an actual crime--not only against the parent, but the damage it can do to the child(ren) is astounding. Finally, parents everywhere can put a name to the distress they are going through. It is much more than "You're not letting me be involved in my child's life."
It took a major storm for this book to be written. And though it needed to happen in order for the character in this book to get where he is today, I am grateful for this incredible story. So many people will know they are not alone, not crazy and that there is help out there from people in similar situations.
At then end of this book, I felt like I had taken on the beast alongside the author. He has masterfully told this story with such real emotion, surrounded by fact that it is impossible to not be pulled in. So many times, I found myself wanting to yell at certain characters in the book. Before thhis book, I assumed events like these only happened to people in a different economic situation. However, I have learned that people from very different backgrounds can have an immense amount in common.
Children should come first in any situation. And though, people have claimed that is what they are doing, the act is most definitely self serving. Though there may never be an end to child abduction nationally or internationally, this book helps to shed light on a rarely touched upon need for stricter laws and more government help and cooperation. Hopefully, this book will be the beginning of greater progress.
This book is a must read for anyone who has or is thinking about having children. I strongly urge you to read it.

Thank you, Peter Thomas Senese. I wish you, your family and your foundation the brightest blessings and many, many more happy reunions.

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