The Demon Side (The Demon Side, #1)

The Demon Side (The Demon Side, #1) - Heaven Liegh Eldeen As an avid reader and reviewer, I have read alot of books. ALOT. Yet, none of them have ever been told in this point of view or with such intensity. It was refreshing and different to see things through Ra's eyes. This book made me laugh, cry, feel name it.

Never in a million years, do you ever think you can feel pity for a demon. I've never given a second thought to the essence of what a demon truly is--A tortured soul. Until now.

Heaven Leigh Eldeen takes us to the other side. Literally. Forget everything you THINK you know about Demons. Remember, there are two sides to every story. Sadly, we usually only hear the one. This book changes all of that.

Everyone needs to grab a copy of this book, relax and let your mind go with this page turning, "hold onto your seat" ride set to the tunes of mod-rock and metal....This book is everything it promises to be and more. This author is definitely one to watch. I cannot wait to see what side she takes us to next. I am buckled up and ready!!

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