The Inheritance (Hudson Ranch #1)

The Inheritance (Hudson Ranch #1) - Lorraine Nelson I strongly urge you to go grab a copy to find out what the fuss is all about. I'm not one for giving away details of the story but as always, I will do my best to convince you that you NEED to read this book.

In this new series by Lorraine Nelson, which has beautiful cover-art, she introduces us to the Hudsons. If you are familiar with Lorraine's Thunder Creek Ranch Series and the Manning family, then you already know how incredibly amazing her families are. Each features strong female leads, HOT ranchers and families that we all wish we knew personally. The Inheritance and the Hudsons are no different.

The Inheritance brings us Zackary Hudson, a man who's "clock is ticking", Bianca and Jeremiah, Zack's new wife and young toddler, and the search for Zack's three oldest children...triplets...and from the sounds of it, just as sexy as their father.

We find ourselves involved in the hunt to reunite a father kept away from his sons by an angry, vindictive ex-wife and though we are given thoughts and feelings of each of the main characters (even an insight into Zack's lawyer/friend, Bart) deepens the story and creates a "hit-home" scenario on an incredibly personal subject.

I believe many readers, women and men alike will love this family. Their struggles, hopes and dreams are so believable, palpable that I became hooked from the get-go. The urgency is evident from the first page and the ending of this short story/introduction to The Hudson Ranch Series and dying to get your hands on the next book! I can honestly say...I NEVER saw this coming. Lorraine has crafted an entirely new addiction for me and I cannot wait to get my hot-little-hands on Book 2.

Way to go, Lorraine! This reader LOVED it and as always you pushed beyond my expectations!

If you'd like to get a copy of The Inheritance, The Hudson Ranch Series, Book 1, you can now find it on Amazon here:

(As I said, it's ONLY 99 cents and you get an incredible amount of story for less than a dollar. You will NOT be disappointed!)