A Cauldron of Perfection

#NewRelease Witched At Birth by @DakotaCassidy


Freshly sprung from witch jail, Winnie Foster just has to fulfill the conditions of her parole and she's home free. 

Too bad that parole takes place in Paris. (Texas!) Where she'll work at a school for the magically inclined. (KIDS!) And be forced to endure the ex who's one of the very reasons she landed in the pokey to begin with. (GAH!!) 

Bratty tots, sexy ex, timed showers, creepy dolls, magic restrictions and a GPS with an attitude, all wrapped in a Texas town hotter than the surface of the sun? Oh yeah. No way this could go wrong... 

***Author note: Dear readers, this book originally appeared in the Twelve Shades of Midnight anthology collection released October 2014***


Dakota Cassidy has re-released this gut-bustingly fun paranormal rom-com and I'm so happy she did. As a huge fan of Dakota's work, I have to say that I'm partial to her voice in books like this. When she dons her paranormal tiara, I'm never disappointed. Her books are so easy to lose myself in; like a movie in my mind, she creates worlds that I never want to leave. Her mixture of reality and fiction gives each story a life of its own.

Set in Paris, Texas, this book spins many of my favorite things into one sparkly web of entertainment; romance, magic, Texas, sexiness, snark, humor, endearing characters, witches. You can't go wrong with this one! Winnie Foster is a gratifyingly lovable character. Her antics and snark remind me of Nina (with less violence **snicker**) from her Accidentals series. Add in the fact that Winnie is a witch with serious balls--in my eyes that makes her perfect. 

Though there are many layers to this story, the plot flows freely. I didn't notice any lagging or anything that detracts from the main storyline. It's a great combination of snark, magic and sexy. Witched At Birth is a hot page-turner that I finished in one sitting. I can't wait for more books with this cast of characters.

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